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  • A Forgotten Wallet, a Free Chicken … and GratitudeAs the cashier began processing my items, I reached into my purse to retrieve a credit card.... Read More
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When one is connected above, one does not fall below
Rabbi Meir of Premishlan
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…walk in all His ways… (Deuteronomy 11:22) He is compassionate; so you too should have compassion. He provides life and kindness to His creatures; you should do the same. (Rashi) What about speech? G‑d's speech is not an artifact of vocal chords or a mouth. His words are packets of divine energy, articulations of His essence and being. G‑d speaks and an entire universe comes into being. How can you be like G‑d in your speech? You can speak from your heart. Because, as our sages taught, words that come from your heart enter the hearts of others. And once there, they have their effect, so that the...