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    Tuesday, April 7th 2020
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  • Coronavirus Resources & InspirationThe number of people around the world impacted by coronavirus is increasing. Is there something we can do about it?
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  • Holy LeftoversIf we begin the day with a moment of holiness, if we offer even a small portion of our time to G‑d... Read More
  • Celebrate With HumilityThe Rebbe’s Talk from His 83rd Birthday Read More
  • Mega-Seder Guests to Get Passover Help Wherever They Are in the WorldChabad hosts reach out to prior year attendees and those close to home Read More
  • How Neo-Nazis Helped Bring Passover to TasmaniaThe Hand of G-d in a hidden corner of the world Read More
  • Positivity Works – Suggestions for Practical Action Read More
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Everything must be done with joy. Even remorse can be with joy.
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The Zohar calls matzah the bread of faith. The Zohar also calls matzah the bread of healing. The matzah of the first night of Passover nourishes the deep, inherent faith of a Jew. And then, there is no need for healing, for there is no room for sickness to enter. Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, the Alter Rebbe.